Think about ambience: Gas lanterns are bright and noisy; candle lanterns, quiet and softer. Battery-operated lanterns offer little in the way of ambience.
Buy a lantern with rechargeable batteries or a refillable liquid canister if you're looking for fuel efficiency and versatility. Candle lanterns only burn up to 8 hours before the candles need to be replaced; a good fuel-burning lantern will burn up to 18 hours with minimum light.
Consider a battery-operated lantern or a fuel-burning lantern with an adjustable flame if you want intensive, focused light.
Purchase a battery-operated lantern for maximum durability.
Pick a fuel-burning lantern or candle lantern ($19 to $32) for cold climates. Battery-operated lanterns don't operate well under cold conditions.
Look for a waterproof lantern if you'll be camping in the rain or snow.
Understand that a battery-operated lantern is the only safe choice if you want to take your lantern inside your tent.

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